Lee Lowry for Tampa City Council District 4

Vote for Lee Lowry 
on March 5th!

Thank you for your interest in my campaign and for visiting my website to learn about my plans for the future of Tampa!

I have lived in South Tampa since 1996 and have worked in our community to improve the lives of others on a daily basis. I learned from my parents the value of hard work, and of giving back, and have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours giving my time as a volunteer for civic and community organizations that better the lives of families and protect children. I understand our city’s need for a strong workforce, and for enhanced quality of life in our neighborhoods and will work hard for both. I look forward to serving you, the citizens of Tampa, on the City Council.

My objectives are:

  • Improving Infrastructure
  • Reducing Traffic Congestion
  • Strengthening Educational Opportunities
  • Encouraging a Strong Business Environment
  • Making Our Neighborhoods Better Places to Live, Work & Play
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Lee Lowry

610 South Boulevard
Tampa FL 33606
Paid by Lee Lowry, Nonpartisan, for Tampa City Council, District 4.
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